Did Prince Die From AIDS?

Before I get into anything I just wanna say rest in peace the the Legend Prince. He was truly a blessing given to us through the form of music and entertainment and may he be remembered as nothing short of amazing.

Prince’s death came to all of us by surprise. If just felt like he died out of the blue. At age 57, we all were wondering what happened. My first thought was either drugs or AIDS, I can’t lie. Just because of the rockstar lifestyle, that’s usually common. Well reports are saying that he did in fact died from AIDS. A Walgreens employee where he picked up his Meds from said that he came in the night before he passed t0 pick up his medicine and that he looked very sickly. She also said that she asked a friend who is familiar with the Meds and she confirmed that the meds he was taking were for HIV! Wether this is true or not it’s sad that we lost him at such a young age. #R.I.P.Prince

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